Gokto Lifestyle Concierge

Gokto Lifestyle Concierge provides bespoke services for a sophisticated and enthusiastic Clientele. The main challenge of our Team is to offer unforgettable experiences and to discover hidden treasures all over the world. We take care of every aspect, because how to enjoy the luxury of time should be your only concern.

Yacht - Gokto Lifestyle Concierge


Are you planning an escape to a private island or just to be lost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? We are at your disposal to suggest the best destination, itinerary and the most suitable yacht, accordingly to your needs and desires. Our brokers, once selected the yacht, will take care of all the different phases and aspects, trying to get the best possible deals. The only concern you must have, is to live the most memorable experience and vacation as ever!

Jet - Gokto Lifestyle Concierge


Our private jet and helicopter fleet is the perfect solution, traveling for business or for leisure. We organize an unparalleled jet charter experience for short and medium hauls connecting the most important cities and vacation destinations in Europe. We also provide personalized solutions for routes outside Europe. The only concern you must have is to pack properly your suitcase!

Car - Gokto Lifestyle Concierge


When you are far from home, it always a pity to leave your beloved car and to accommodate yourself to a lower standard. To avoid that, we offer a rental car service with very unique and exclusive solutions enable to satisfy any taste, desire and request. Our goal is to provide our Clients with their dream car. Our suppliers have the most prestigious and latest cars. Our specialized managers will follow the entire rental process, with a very professional and customized service. The only concern you must have is not to forgot to wear your seatbelt!

Art - Gokto Lifestyle Concierge


We have established a very good relationship with the most important Art Galleries and Art Collectors all over the world. Our Clients can have a direct and privileged access to rare pieces of art by the most important Artists. If you are looking for the right investment or for something can amuse your eyes, do not hesitate to contact one of our Art Advisor. We will provide you with the best possible selection and we will fly you to see it.


Lugano – Switzerland

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”

Harvey Mackay